About Our Company

What’s in a name?

To understand our company, you have to start with the name. NetBlazon is pronounced “net-BLAZE-un”, and it comes from the verb “emblazon”, a term from heraldry that means “to proclaim; celebrate or extol”. That’s what we’re all about! Our goal is to help you make your mark on the world, and specifically, your customers, by using the Internet to its fullest capabilities.

We are…


Not every company who does business on the web knows exactly what they need at every step along their journey, and a consultant helps guide them. First and foremost, we are consultants. Neither dictator nor lemming, a true consultant gathers your input, identifies your specific needs, understands your goals, and formulates a path to reach them. Our job as consultants is to both educate you and collaborate with you.

We consider consulting to be two-way ongoing relationship. The best answers to any given problem usually come as a result of collaboration between client and consultant.


The purpose of any website is to communicate. Sure, the end game may be a sale or a lead, but in order to achieve that, it must first COMMUNICATE: your unique value proposition, your commitment to excellence, your desire to serve your customers.

We facilitate communication through visual design and excellent content.

Visually, we design a website that communicates your brand and your values. Visual communication includes color, typography, and imagery that conveys your message to the world at first glance.

Content is the meat-and-potatoes, the gist, of any website. The imagery should accompany a well-written description of whatever it is that you are selling, whether that means products in your e-commerce store, your business’s services, or an application or tool. Text-based content is important for readers and necessary to rank your site well when someone searches for you on Google or Bing.


Your website isn’t just a pretty face; it’s an extension of your business. We build solutions that support your business, as well as helping you define processes for maintaining and growing your revenue. Often that involves selecting and integrating several pieces of software, such as:

  • a shopping cart
  • a blogging platform
  • order management utilities
  • customer relationship management
  • business statistics tools

At other times, unique software must be created to meet your specific goals. We outline the requirements and level of expertise needed to use and maintain the software, working with you to make sure what we create will meet your needs while creating something you can effectively use. Then we develop the actual software, with a focus on quality code, quick performance, and ease of use.

Our Philosophy and Process

Our goal has always been to provide enterprise-class services and solutions to small-and-medium businesses. Our best clients are those who understand the value of a dollar – both the dollar that’s spent and the dollar that’s saved. In other words, we aren’t the cheapest firm in town, but our goal is to give you the best results for your money.

We begin our process with conversations to determine your exact functional requirements. While we have certain packages that we regularly uilize, we understand that different projects have different needs. Before we start any design or development, we take the time to thoroughly understand what you need to accomplish in order to achieve success.

Then we apply our knowledge of various software packages and our understanding of frameworks and programming to determine a solution that meets your goals. The idea isn’t just to build a website, launch an app, or increase your traffic. Those are important, but we know you need to be able to run your business every single day using the tools we’ve developed. This may include documentation, training, process facilitation, and automation that helps you focus on your business and not just on your technology.

Beyond delivery and deployment, we are here should you need upgrades, support, additional training, new features, or simply a sounding board for new ideas.

We service both the large corporation and the small business. Our success stems from our ability to adapt our expertise to a variety of clients. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

We’re Hiring!

We’re looking for a few good employees. Check out our job openings and see if you’re a good fit.