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new year's resolutions

Your Website’s 2015 New Year’s Resolutions

It’s almost a brand new year – 2015 starts TOMORROW. Can you believe it? Like me, you probably have your own New Year’s resolutions. Maybe you want to quit smoking, lose weight, or spend more time with your family. January has always been a time to make new goals. But what about your website? It […]

google dynamic remarketing

Google Dynamic Remarketing and Miva Merchant

In a previous post, I presented a collection of comparison shopping engines’ conversion scripts and how to implement them in Miva Merchant. Since that time, I’ve been asked many times to implement Google dynamic remarketing, so I wanted to add a post outlining how you can configure that code for your e-commerce site, too. Google’s […]

viral marketing

Viral Marketing for B2B Stores

One of the problems in the B2B space is that your products are sold based on customer need, not desire, beauty, or trends. It’s much easier to get customers talking about fashion or entertainment than about, well, ID cards. Retailer wanted to break through that barrier, and get people talking about their products and […]


Product Data Feed Best Practices

Data feeds are an integral part of marketing an ecommerce site. A data feed is nothing more than a list of your products, along with certain product details, in a structured format. The details included in the file depend on your site needs and the requirements of the partner to whom you’re submitting your data.

comparison shopping engines

Comparison Shopping Engines

Comparison Shopping Engines, or CSEs, have grown in popularity and number over the past decade. They represent a large marketing opportunity for online merchants. These sites take submitted product data feeds from many merchants, match up the products offered by each store, and allow customers to compare prices across the various stores.

marketing calendar

Create Your Marketing Calendar for 2011

How structured are you when it comes to your e-commerce marketing plans? Sure, if you’re a bigger company, you probably have at least one employee dedicated to marketing, if not an entire department. But smaller companies often try to squeeze marketing in as an after-thought

ecommerce product content

Adding More Content to Your Product Pages

We’ve all heard that “content is king”, and it’s just as true for an e-commerce site as it is for a news site, blog, or any other website. But one of the common myths in e-commerce is that it’s good enough to throw up a two-sentence description and a bland image from the product manufacturer, […]

email summit

40 Things I Learned at the Marketing Sherpa Email Summit

In January I was lucky enough to attend the Marketing Sherpa Email Summit in Miami for absolutely nothing. Quite literally, all I paid for was gas for the drive down, parking, and my hotel room. I was the lucky winner of a free ticket to the summit itself, the pre-workshop the day before, a VIP party, dinner in South Beach, the Gala dinner and party poolside…pretty much everything the event had to offer.


E-Commerce Supports Haitian Relief Efforts is running a great contest with these awesome t-shirts they gave away at Affiliate Summit recently. I wasn’t lucky enough to attend (being busy with the Email Summit in Miami in January and about to head off to the Miva Merchant conference tomorrow), but Tom Wozniak at was nice enough to send me one in the mail (along with anyone else who emailed and asked). And the person with the most creative blog posts wins the contest – the prize being $1000 in case, and a $1000 cash donation in that person’s name to the American Red Cross Haiti Relief Fund. It’s a win-win…at worst I get a great t-shirt, and at best I get cash and Haiti gets $1000 no matter what!